Weight Room

You want a weight room upgrade? Coaches, athletic directors, and facility managers, this is an exciting time when you begin to think about upgrading your weight room. So many options and possibilities come to mind when you begin this process. At American Athletics Co, we can guide you through this process with the help of our Solutions Specialist and Design Pro. We have helped so many coaches and athletic directors with their high school weight room upgrade, with smart solutions. Solutions that fit budgets, provide a useful tool or utility and keep their athletes safe and motivated.
A weight room upgrade comes in many shapes and sizes. Upgrading could mean as much as replacing your weight room flooring and strength equipment, to moving walls, branding as well as several other items. We specialize in high school weight room upgrade, designing new weight rooms, and strength room design. Our designs are built on three key principles; Safety, Utility, and Performance.

  • Weightlifting Platforms

    Custom weightlifting platforms to fit your new or existing racks.

  • Platform & Floor Logos

    Custom logos for your new or existing rubber flooring or weightlifting platforms.

  • Strength Equipment

    Whether you need a full weight room or just a new bench or rack, we have you covered.

  • Flooring

    All rubber flooring is not the same. Understand the differences and make smart & safe choices.

  • Accessories

    We can help you with weight room accessories. Plates & dumbbells, superbands, collars and more.

  • Branding

    Motivate and inspire your athletes while sharing your brand with custom logos and wall graphics.

Upgrading Requires Planning

Upgrading requires planning, along with process. Just because you are not building a new weight room, starting from scratch, you still must develop a plan for your weight room upgrade and take the necessary steps to make sure your new to you weight room upgrade goes as planned.
What does that mean? We go through many of the same steps as we do planning and designing a new weight room from the beginning.

  • How much space do we have to work with?
  • What kind of budget are we dealing with?
  • What is working in our weight room now? What equipment do we keep?
  • How many athletes do we need to manage at once in the weight room?
  • What style or type of programming and training do we operate with? Do we use separate stations or do we train vertically?
  • What condition is the flooring in and does it perform as needed?
  • Does the weight room need weightlifting platforms to protect the substrate, equipment and athletes?
  • How much branding is important to you and your school or organization?

These are the main questions to answer, although we have several other conditional questions once these are discovered. From these questions and others, we will develop a plan with a layout to share with you, your coach or athletic director to begin with. Our team will provide a summary of what we suggest along with all of your team's input to ultimately provide a clear plan and quote to upgrade your weight room with the best solutions possible.

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