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High School Weight Room

We are the go to for high school weight rooms and other athletic facilities. American Athletics Co. delivers a wide variety of solutions to coaches, athletic directors, superintendents and facility managers across the country. Our solutions are both answers to common problems, as well as innovative and creative applications in the high school weight room, locker room, training room and coaches offices.
The American Athletics Co team will work with your team in finding the right fit for your weight room equipment and upgrades as well as your other athletic facilities. The process is user friendly and easy to follow, ensuring that you have the best experience possible in your weight room upgrade. Your weight room may need a full weight room upgrade, or it may only need a refresh of new weightlifting platforms and logos.


Complete High School Weight Room and Athletic Facility Solutions.
All Levels. All Options.


We Build New High School Weight Rooms and Athletic Facilities

At American Athletics Co, we build new high school weight rooms and athletic facilities. We have roots that are firm in design, where we began working with our custom logos for weightlifting platforms and rubber flooring. Our design team has stayed quite busy working on concept designs for future new weight rooms and athletic facilities. We can help you design a weight room, locker room or any other athletic space within your school or organization.

Architecture and Design Firm

Working with a school's A&D (architecture and design) firm of choice, or directly with the Athletic Director to plan and design a highly functional and attractive new weight room, and/or athletic facility. The American Athletics Co. design team has been involved in literally hundreds of new projects for weight rooms and athletic facilities, in turn this allows you our clients to benefit from that experience.


Coaches trust American Athletics Co. to do the right thing. Our team is known for their honesty and integrity, providing the best solutions at fair and honest pricing. As a result of this honesty and integrity, with overall trust, we have added several high school coaches and athletic directors to our team of valued customers. With this comes a mutual respect that drives our customers to refer us to their colleagues and counter parts at other schools and organizations.

Best Case Solutions

Many times a coach or athletic director is not sure what they need or want for their weight room upgrade or strength room design, as a result our team of Solutions Specialist and Design Pro will help provide the best case solutions to guarantee value and function, as well as the highest level of safety for your new weight room or weight room upgrade. Our team will work with yours to identify what programming style you will use, number of athletes and the level of athlete so that we deliver the best fit. As a result of this coordination, you will receive the best design and weight room configuration.

We selected American Athletics Co and their American Platforms, (and we) really like the product and what they have to offer…our flooring system was not quite what we needed for Olympic lifting and explosive lifting and American Platforms come in and built us some custom platforms to fit exactly what we need.

Joe Dale Cary – Athletics Dir. and Head Football Coach – Crandall High School, Crandall TX

The first 2 things I noticed was, it became immediately a safer environment…the second thing was the sound level, they (American Platforms) has reduced our sound level a tremendous rate…we can actually coach our kids again and not have to scream in their ears, we don’t have scream over the music and banging of the weights and the kids can hear our whistle…it is no where near as loud as it was in the past…coaches love it, the kids love it!

Ryan Martin – Head OLC - Strength & Conditioning Coach - McKinney High School McKinney TX

Our old platforms with the oak center were just not safe with the moisture and not having a controlled climate in here…these (American Platforms) do a great job and give us excellent traction and safety…one of the awesome things is that they look really good and they look sharp.

Andrew Molck – Head Strength Coach Rockwall High School, Rockwall TX
Weightlifting Platforms & Logos
Before and after images of weight lifting platform replacement with all-rubber platform

You may not need a new weight room flooring...

Custom platforms are readily available to be used with existing or new strength racks. Our unique design will factory cut the insert to fit to your existing platform, creating a professional fit and finish, with the comfort and safety of a complete rubber platform. Our solutions provide superior protection to existing flooring and sub-floors, as well as extending protection to the athlete.

If you are replacing bumper plates, Olympic plates and bars too often, it's most likely caused by the flooring system, or lack of. Our impact reducing all-rubber platforms will extend the life of your weight room flooring, equipment, and your athletes with much less cost than replacing your weight room flooring.

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