TuffWear Soft Surfaces Flooring are Best Alternative to Hard Surface Flooring
  • Durability

    Extremely durable wear layer with 10 year warranty

  • Maintenance

    Resists Stains - No refinishing needed

  • Safety

    Coefficient of Friction - Meets ADA Guidelines

  • Hygienic

    Hygienic because of heat-welded installation - Non-porous surface

  • Acoustics

    Quiet Under Foot

  • Sustainability

    Rubber underlayment is made from 97% post-consumer recycled rubber

Rolled Vinyl Flooring vs. Hardwood

Hardwood Flooring
For basketball courts, some athletic directors will accept nothing but hardwood flooring, and preferably maple. It is hard enough to provide good ball bounce and, if installed over the appropriate grid sleeper system, also provides area resiliency and shock absorption. However, hardwood flooring for athletics can require a lot of maintenance and some finishes are vulnerable to abrasion, limiting its use for multifunctional spaces. Rubber tiles and rolled products can be used to temporarily transform the space, provided there is storage space available when the tiles are not in use. These protective measures all come at an additional cost to the facility.

A relatively new alternative to hardwood flooring uses a vinyl wear layer that looks like wood layer that is fusion bonded to a composition rubber backing.

Rolled Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl fusion bonded to a rubber backing (rolled vinyl) is an excellent option for basketball courts, multi-purpose areas, and other spaces that demand a durable surface with area resiliency. The vinyl pattern can provide the look and feel of a hardwood surface without the intensive maintenance issues required for hardwood. The stiff vinyl surface provides optimal foot slide characteristics (to reduce foot/knee overturning accidents) and excellent ball bounce, while the rubber backing ensures good force reduction to reduce the incidence of ankle and knee injuries due to impact. Probably the most impactful benefit of choosing a rolled vinyl option with American Platforms & Flooring is the cost savings. Initial costs of rolled vinyl flooring can be as low as 40% to 45% of the cost to install hardwood flooring. Ongoing maintenance costs are almost non-existent with rolled vinyl flooring installation, unlike those of hardwood flooring. Rolled vinyl flooring¬†resiliency makes it a versatile fit ‚Äď great for gymnasiums & field houses, fitness facilities, as well as sport & non-sport high-traffic applications.


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Basketball Courts and Multipurpose Areas

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